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Boulevard One – Why Would I Move There?

Boulevard One is a completely new neighborhood within the city of Denver. Not on the edge of the city and not a new house or townhouse in an old neighborhood.
The Boulevard One neighborhood will consist of houses, townhouses, condos, apartments, parks, trails, public art, restaurants, a specialty grocery store and more retail shops.
Fun things about a new neighborhood besides the new houses:
  • The neighbors get to know each other because everyone is new.
  • The parks and trails are new, yet they connect to all the parks and trails throughout the city.
  • The sidewalks, the alleys, the foliage, flowers etc are all fresh and new.
  • Being in early in a neighborhood watching it grow is inspiring.
Boulevard One is designed to be a social neighborhood. The social part is already working and the roads, the retail, and parks, where people would gather aren’t even finished yet. The sidewalks though are wide. The small park through the middle of the neighborhood already has kids playing, people walking their dogs and lounging in the sun on talking on the benches. This summer (2017) the large community park will be complete. They anticipate music and other social events happening there. The people who walk Crestmoor park regularly now, walk through the neighborhood gauging where they will be drinking coffee when the commercial piece is finalized.
We had a neighborhood party and 75% of the owners who already live here came and had fun sharing their stories of why they moved here. They came from all different parts of the city but here were a few of my favorite reasons to move here:
  • The couple from Cherry Creek wanted to get out of all the traffic and congestion.
  • The people from Downtown came because they wanted more green space.
  • The family from University Hills wanted a new house but didn’t want to leave the city.
  • The Capitol Hill couple wanted a house with a little more space but didn’t want a bigger yard to take care of.

Finally, the neighborhood is green!  Not just with all the parks but every house has solar panels for energy. The developer required all builders to build the homes to a HERS rating of 50 or less! 

If you want to know more about the neighborhood feel free to contact me. Let’s see if it is the right neighborhood for you.
Homes available to purchase in Boulevard One:

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