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Walking Washington Park

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. This was a single moment of a fantastic day filled with laughter and love. … [Read more...]

Denver Weekly Wrap Up November 15 – 21, 2015

Denver Real Estate Weekly Wrap up! November 15-21, 2015 The week started in Washington Park, looking at property we saw the week before and writing an offer. It's one of my favorite condos in the neighborhood.     Our weather people put out weather warnings for Monday. When that happens I just get off the roads if I … [Read more...]

Denver Weekly Wrap Up

Things to Do in Denver     Week of October 4 - 10 The week was filled with lot's of surprises in Cherry Creek, Downtown Denver, Washington Park and South Broadway. Monday Morning Coffee at one of my favorite places. Aviano's in Cherry Creek has such a Italian and European feel. I order the regular coffee and they brew … [Read more...]

Grandpa Snazzy’s Saves the Day

It all started because I wanted a door knocker for my front door. I didn't want a new one, I wanted an old one. I went into several antique shops on Broadway and couldn't find one. After about 12 shops that carried, new used, antique, vintage, refurbished, broken, pretty, ugly items that were not door knockers a couple store owners told me to go … [Read more...]

West Washington Park, Denver – Three Things I Love

West Washington Park, Denver - 3 things I love The guy singing as he was riding his bike made me smile tonight as I left my house to go for a walk and it made me think, I haven’t shared my thoughts in a little while. 1. My neighborhood, West Washington Park is just removed from the intensity of Washington Park. When I first moved here I showed a … [Read more...]

Washington Park Neighborhood

The Washington Park neighborhood is one of Denver's most popular neighborhoods, there are so many activities in Washington Park, it attracts people from all over the metro area. You will see runners, walkers and bike riders any day of the week, whether the sun is shining or not.  On a spring Sunday like yesterday, I saw the regulars along with … [Read more...]

Bicycles in Denver

Last week as I was strolling to one of my neighborhood restaurants for dinner I noticed we had a new bank of B-Cycles! I have been contemplating buying an extra bike so I could have an extra for a friend. I remembered reading that the city was adding 30 new "bike-borrowing stations".  So now I'm thinking "problem solved". We'll just go grab one … [Read more...]