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With All the Hype Is NOW the BEST Time to Buy a Home?

It is if YOU are ready. How do you determine if you are ready? You have a REALTOR that you like and trust. (Not an agent, but an EXPERIENCED REALTOR.) You have a lender and you and your REALTOR knows that the lender has successfully closed loans in the past year. You know your credit score. You have the down payment needed to get the best … [Read more...]

3838 Gilpin Street | Denver, CO 80205

Fabulous home, with gorgeous new maple cabinets, granite counter tops,  and slate floors in the kitchen. The extra large windows and woodwork of a classic Victorian are in tact, the hardwood floors are fantastic.  There is an actual light bright spacious laundry room with extra storage in addition the back porch has been enclosed and finished well … [Read more...]

Why I like Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and facebook are two completely different animals for me. I connect with thousands of people on twitter, most of whom I do not know.  I connect with hundreds of people on facebook.  I know all but one and have only about 15 people I have not met face to face.  A small percentage of the people on my facebook have become friends from … [Read more...]

4 Things Every Buyer Should Know Before They Start Looking at Homes:

Properties that are priced correctly are going fast.  Be as prepare as a cash buyer so you will come out ahead! This is one of the most important and largest investments you may make in your lifetime the more information you have, will make the process less stressful and exciting! Know what your credit score is and what mortgage programs are … [Read more...]

New Zoning is Affecting Your Friends and Neighbors

On Wednesday December 18th, I attended the last listening session held by City Council and the Planning Board for the The people who stood up to give their thoughts had specific valid concerns.  I am giving a brief overview of the most voiced concerns.  I believe the city will listen and hopefully they start making changes.  … [Read more...]

Opportunity is the name of the game this winter.

Yesterday I saw that the Jumbo Loan's interest rate is 5% for a 30 year fixed!  This is the best news I’ve heard in a year.  The Denver real estate market’s upper end stalled last year as the rates and ability to get a jumbo loan ($417,000+) became increasingly harder.  People decided to wait if they didn’t have to make a move. The Tax Credits for … [Read more...]

7 Secrets for Denver Real Estate Buyers

Some Denver area neighborhoods and price ranges are not a buyer’s market, they are a seller’s market.  The first clue that it is a buyer’s market is by the amount of inventory available.  Even if there is a lot of inventory you need to be aware of who the seller is and what their motivation is, not all sellers are desperate to sell.  Your agent … [Read more...]