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Finding Your Inner Caliente | Single and Sexy in Denver Event

Cindy Aragon-Harris Photo Taken by: Robert M.

Thinking of trying something you have never done before?

Do you get butterflies or does your stomach flip when you think about it?  Do you shutdown and don’t want to try?

Think back and remember how you felt after doing something you weren’t sure you would like or something that you were nervous to do and think about how you feel about it now, was it a good experience? Did you make the best of it, did it change your life in any way?

I am tired of that saying…you know the one, about the definition of insanity…

So, I’ve got another out of the box event for us in Denver.  Yep, it’s filed under Single and Sexy, but this is for the married ladies as well.  It’s time to move our bodies and get our sexy on before summer comes!  Let’s get warmed up and get our inner fire going early this year.

Until about a year ago, I never thought of belly dancing. Ever. It just never entered my mind. I found a long lost friend on Facebook who is teaching it.  She and I used to make up dances in our basements, backyards, parks, anywhere and everywhere since we were about 10 I think.  Our little sisters had the privilege of running the boombox (tape player) for us over and over and tell us how good we were, over and over. (Those were the days.)

Yes, I have a little natural dance instinct in me, but when I think moving that part of my body that I am self-conscious of…well it is a little scary!

Fuego Fusion is a Latin based Tribal Fusion Bellydance troupe, known for pushing the limits & thinking outside of the box, and they want to teach us to do the same.

This two day event is broken down into workshops from beginners to the experienced and everything in between.

I’ll be taking the beginner class and I hope you will join us!!!



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