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Hello Stella!

Once upon a time it was a house, now it is “Stella’s Coffeehaus” it sits on the quaint and famous South Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado.  As you walk up the steps you’ll notice even on a cool day the patio is full, there is a fire pit and heaters and in the summer, it’s shady until evening.

As you walk in, the big coffee bar and barista is ready and waiting for your order. As you pass the pastry filled counter, there are lots of little rooms filled with high tables, low tables, couches, stuffed chairs, straight back wooden chairs and did I say people? There are always lot’s of people! Sometimes it is so amazingly quite you wonder what would happen if you sighed really loud, or maybe belted out the song playing in your earphones, other times, there are lot’s of collaborative meetings between students, tech types and their clients, Realtors and their clients, etc.

It’s a cozy fabulous little eclectic spot with great coffee, they are know for their espresso and I can’t forget to mention, there are books everywhere!  I haven’t ever seen anyone pick one up and read but I’ve been tempted.

1746 S Pearl Street, Denver, CO  80210  303-777-1031

Neighborhood: Platt Park


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