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Do you remember your first Thanksgiving away from home?



Do you remember your first Thanksgiving away from home?

I was 19, my second year in college, the roads were terrible so didn’t go back to Denver from Grand Junction. Instead, I went to dinner with one of my roommates family. I don’t remember how many kids were in the family but there were at least 6, all girls and they were from New York. The parents, a couple boyfriends, a couple friends like me were all gathered around a huge beautiful table overflowing with food and drinks. It was the loudest Thanksgiving I ever had. Everybody talked over everybody. Laughter, a couple arguments and crying all happened during dinner. Hey – there were at least 10 kids between the age of 8-19, it was bound to happen, the littlest ones couldn’t get a word in edgewise! It was strange being away from home, but it was fun!

Have you ever had a Thanksgiving alone?

There were a few years that my parents left town, my brother and sister had plans with their significant others and my teenage son was with his dad. I enjoyed those Thanksgivings. Many times friends invited me to their house but I said I was busy. I loved having a quiet day by myself.

Have you ever had a Thanksgiving where the Turkey or the main dish was burned or ruined?

I haven’t yet, but I’ve heard about a few and they are good laughs… later.

Having said that, I hope I don’t burn anything! This year, I’ll keep my mom’s tradition of making lasagna for my brother. My son, Alex, requested ham, so I’ll add that. I should be safe from major errors!

What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory? I’d love to hear about it! 

Sending you lot’s of love and warmth this Thanksgiving!

Amy Cesario

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