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Resolutions for the Single and Sexy in Denver

I think about resolutions every year because it just seems to be a reoccurring topic that someone starts talking about and in my quest to be better than the year before (and because I am a wee bit competitive), I think I want to participate.  I asked you a couple weeks ago if you were going to participate and I think maybe you felt the same way I did, because there aren’t any comments.  *wink*

Of course I would like to to have a better year than last year (it was a good year and it was definitely a whole lot better than 2009) but then there is this little part of me that feels the need to be perfect and if I don’t think I am perfect, or if I’m at least better than many of the best, then why do it? Why say I’m going to do it if it won’t be good or finished or…perfect?

Which is a big reason why I am taking charge in this quest to write here every day, to try something even if I am not perfect.  Holy canoli, thank goodness while I was recording yesterday’s video I had this flash from Jessica my yoga instructor, “try a something different today and push yourself so far that you either fall, or maybe today you will surprise yourself and be better than you expected.  If you fall, just get back up and try it again.”  I think the video actually turned out okay!

My New Year’s resolution is to not have to be perfect and to be courageous.  Sometimes it okay to just be okay. I hear us “all or nothing people” just get in our own way so I’m going to get out of my way and try some things I haven’t even thought of yet.

What about you?

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