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Sloans Lake, Denver Colorado

After showing a few homes near Sloans Lake I took the long route around the park.

View from the east side of the park

View from the east side of Sloans Lake

I went to the Junior High School (Lake) across the street and then when I worked for the Denver Nuggets in the 1990s, McNichols Arena was just about a mile away (where Invesco Field is now) so we brought our lunches and walked around the lake a lot in the summer.

I just had to take the drive around the lake and stop for a minute.  There sure were more people here today than I remember back then, but maybe it is the time of day. There were a few boats out there, the water is high but that is because we have had so much rain this year.

I’m glad to see the action in the park.  I have so many memories of this park as a teenager.  I baby sat two kids all summer in Junior High and we went to the park a few times a week when they were good. We weren’t allowed to go across the street while were in school but the bus drove along the south side on 17th Avenue every day. I remember wondering why people fish there.  Still do.

The view is a little cloudy today, but normally the views of the mountains are beautiful and the sunsets are spectacular. The buyer who I was showing houses to thought it sure would be a great location to live, 10 minutes or less to Downtown, the house was 3 blocks away so a run  to and around the lake would be fantastic. Just a few minutes away and within walking distance (depending which side of the park you are on) is 32nd and Lowell, the Highland Square restaurants and shops, the Edgewater Inn on the other side of Sheridan Boulevard is famous for their pizza, and the major highways are so close you could be to the mountains in less than 45 minutes!

The homes in this neighborhood range from the 1860’s to new builds.  You will see all types of homes,Victorians, Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, Bungalows, Denver Squares.  They vary from 500 square feet to 5,000 square feet so the price range in the neighborhood is also diverse.  The Hospital site just south of the park is slated for redevelopment (residential and mixed use) which tends to bring increasing values to the existing homes in the neighborhood.  This is a neighborhood that wasn’t hit as hard as others during the recession.

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