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Am I Going to Loose My Earnest Money?

Am I going to lose my earnest money?  This is a question that is asked by every buyer almost every buyer I have ever worked for. The basic answer is: No.  If you follow the dates and deadlines in the contract. Yes.  If you DO NOT  follow the dates and deadlines in the contract. It is as simple as that.  The Colorado contract allows for at least … [Read more...]

Earnest Money

Earnest money is money that is sent with an offer when purchasing a property.  It is similar to a security deposit when renting an apartment but it will be applied to the amount of money the buyer is bring to the table when they close on the property.  Some buyers offer more than the seller has asked for to show their seriousness or to make their … [Read more...]

Introducing Single and Sexy in Denver

I'm so excited about launching this new addition to my site, Single and Sexy in Denver, it's about living our life to the fullest, about creating a positive journey and lifestyle in Denver, Colorado.  Join me. Living Single and Sexy in Denver, … [Read more...]

Which Market?

Last week I found myself answering the most asked question “How’s the Market?” with the question,”Which market?” The man who asked the question laughed and said, "real estate." His laugh is what made me realize our conversation wasn't the norm, but I needed to know which market so I could really answer the question.  If he was a buyer in the … [Read more...]

Opportunity is the name of the game this winter.

Yesterday I saw that the Jumbo Loan's interest rate is 5% for a 30 year fixed!  This is the best news I’ve heard in a year.  The Denver real estate market’s upper end stalled last year as the rates and ability to get a jumbo loan ($417,000+) became increasingly harder.  People decided to wait if they didn’t have to make a move. The Tax Credits for … [Read more...]

7 Secrets for Denver Real Estate Buyers

Some Denver area neighborhoods and price ranges are not a buyer’s market, they are a seller’s market.  The first clue that it is a buyer’s market is by the amount of inventory available.  Even if there is a lot of inventory you need to be aware of who the seller is and what their motivation is, not all sellers are desperate to sell.  Your agent … [Read more...]

The Spire – “Get inSPIREd”

There is a plan for 14th Street, Downtown Denver’s next primo Real Estate, it will be our "Ambassador Street" and similar to a Times Square.  It is the main drag to the Denver Center of Performing Arts.  It has been one of the most under developed streets as the rest of the city began to boom around the 16th Street Mall and our Professional Sports … [Read more...]