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Yves Saint Laurent The Retrospective | Denver Art Museum

The Yves Saint Laurent, The Retrospective is showing in three place in the world: Paris, Madrid and Denver!

The collection of course is amazing, the story was so interesting as well. Special  tickets are required ($22 and a set time to see the show) so that there aren’t too many people in the exhibit at once and will be here until July 8, 2012.

The show not only includes his haute couture collection, but video and audio stories on certain pieces and tell the story of his career and interesting influence either from the women’s movement or helped the women’s movement.  He said, he didn’t start making pants to make women equal to men but to empower them. Those weren’t his exact words, that was my interpretation.

If was a fun girls day, there were more couples than I expected, and lot’s of mom, daughters, who we then saw having lunch afterwards just like us!

When you go, don’t miss the Read My Pins: Madeleine Albright Collection.  That was intriguing as well.


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