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Denver Real Estate Market Statistics – June 2016

Denver Real Estate Statistics  - June 2016. Inventory, Inventory, Inventory. Every month I begin talking about our inventory and breaking records. It has been low or record low for over a year. When we have record low inventory, we see record high prices. This month we had a record month of inventory of active listings and new listings! Over … [Read more...]

New Townhouses in Lowry

The framing on our eight spectacular new townhouses in Lowry is almost done. It is my favorite time to walk through a property, you can feel the size of the rooms and the amount of light that will be flowing through the windows. Buckley Row has been moving at a sure, steady pace and are on track to finish in November. Details: Interior … [Read more...]

Wings of the City Denver | Riverfront Park

Looking for something different to do next weekend? Come see the Wings of the City of Denver in Riverfront Park. The gorgeous bronze sculptures by Jorge Marin, Wings of the City Denver are here until September 30, 2016 and don’t worry they are all in the shade! After you take your photo in front of the wings, send it to me. Head over the … [Read more...]

Denver Real Estate Market Statistics | May 2016

Denver Real Estate Market Statistics - May 2016 We are still breaking records in the Denver Real Estate Market. We've hit another all-time low of inventory for May. The record low May for inventory was 2015 5,463 - our new record was set this year, 2016 with only 5,657 homes on the market! The record high number of houses and condos was … [Read more...]

7 Things to Know About Parking in Denver

Seven important things to know about parking in Denver so that you don't get a ticket... from my personal experience. I have gotten a ticket for the first three and  have seen the cars in my neighborhood get the pretty little yellow envelope with the little white ticket attached for 4-7. Do not continuously feed the meter. The law is that … [Read more...]

Denver Farmers’ Markets 2016

There are many Denver Farmers' markets that are open year-round and many that open only during the summer and we have a few new locations this year! Year-Round farmers' markets: GrowHaus' Mercado de la Lado is open year-round 6 days a week and is a unique Denver experience. They are open Monday through Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-1. If you haven't … [Read more...]

Are We Overbuilding Denver?

  Are we overbuilding Denver? Who is going to buy all the houses being built? These are the questions I am most asked this year. With construction happening on practically every street in Denver, homeowners are happy, frustrated, excited, confused all in one moment. Looking at the first quarter stats, I think this graph best shows … [Read more...]