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What is your “Walk Score” in Denver?

So you want to be able to walk to the neighborhood happenings? That means something a little bit different to all of us so if you are interested in how "walkable" your neighborhood is, go to You can type in your address and see how you rate. If you are looking to see how walkable a neighborhood that you might want to live in … [Read more...]

2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit FAQ’s

How could this effect my mortgage payment? • Assuming you are eligible for the full $8,000 refund it would be like reducing your monthly payment by $667 dollars a month! • Example: You purchase a home for $200,000 and use the FHA program to finance a $193,000 mortgage at 5% with a payment of principle and interest $1,036/month. • … [Read more...]

Have we hit bottom in the Denver Real Estate Market?

Where are we?  Have we hit bottom?  When is the best time to buy? or sell? These have been the questions on the tip of everyone tongue for the past two years.  Check out this graph and let's talk about the best time to buy. Are we hanging out between Panic and Despondency?  That is what the 6:00 news makes me think.  Maybe we are between … [Read more...]

MSNBC Interactive – 10 real estate myths for buyers and sellers

Barbara Corcoran is a great leader in our Real Estate world.  I thought this was concise and important for everyone to see. MSNBC Interactive - 10 real estate myths for buyers and sellers Posted using ShareThis … [Read more...]

Time for Change in Denver Real Estate

December vs. January is like black and white.  Showings on the homes that are for sale are up, not only from December, but from a year ago.  I have had at least three times as many showings on my listings in these first three weeks than I had in the whole month of December. I had two open houses this weekend, one in Cherry Creek East and one in … [Read more...]