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7 Secrets for Denver Real Estate Buyers

Some Denver area neighborhoods and price ranges are not a buyer’s market, they are a seller’s market.  The first clue that it is a buyer’s market is by the amount of inventory available.  Even if there is a lot of inventory you need to be aware of who the seller is and what their motivation is, not all sellers are desperate to sell.  Your agent … [Read more...]

Do Denver homeowners understand what is happening to their property?

As you read this you might think, who cares, I just want to live in my house, but you need to know, it affects the value of your house and it will create change in your neighborhood.  The change might be good for you, it might also surprise you. The biggest problem with the rezoning of Denver is that right now it isn’t easy for Real Estate … [Read more...]

Sloans Lake, Denver Colorado

After showing a few homes near Sloans Lake I took the long route around the park. I went to the Junior High School (Lake) across the street and then when I worked for the Denver Nuggets in the 1990s, McNichols Arena was just about a mile away (where Invesco Field is now) so we brought our lunches and walked around the lake a lot in the summer. I … [Read more...]