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7 Secrets for Denver Real Estate Buyers

I'll tell you a secret...

  1. Some Denver area neighborhoods and price ranges are not a buyer’s market, they are a seller’s market.  The first clue that it is a buyer’s market is by the amount of inventory available.  Even if there is a lot of inventory you need to be aware of who the seller is and what their motivation is, not all sellers are desperate to sell.  Your agent will be able to help you know which market you are in, knowing this will help you better position yourself when making an offer.
  2. If you really want the house, put yourself in the best position possible to get the house. This includes, Purchase Price, Earnest Money, Loan/Cash, and Terms (Dates and Deadlines).  Listen to your agent, they are working in the real market everyday and can tell you what will work best.
  3. Don’t try to get such a deal that you don’t like the house or it doesn’t fit your needs. If you are purchasing a house to live in, be sure you want to live there, not just have a house that was a deal and is now a money pit or a in neighborhood that doesn’t ultimately fit your lifestyle.
  4. Write down your goals and objectives so that you are clear about what you want, that way if you get a little bit off track, you can either refocus on your original goal or refocus your agent on your new goals. This is a process that might go faster than you think or you might get derailed a couple times, communicate with your agent they really do want to find the perfect home for you.
  5. Tell your agent what you like and not just what you don’t like and focus on the likes.  You will find a fantastic home if you believe you can.
  6. Sign a Buyer Agency Agreement. Decide from the beginning if you like your agent and how you would like to be represented by your agent.  Do you want them to be a Transaction Broker or a Buyers Agent? When you both are on the same page, the process is cleaner for both of you.
  7. Don’t forget to have fun. This is a new beginning for you, it is usually the largest investment most people make in their life and it is also a great new chapter in your life, start thinking about how this chapter will look in a new home.

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  1. Sharon Chinn says:

    Re: Top 10 Reasons to Get Organized
    To me there is nothing like being organized. I have been an organized person all of my life, even in childhood. I recently moved to another state and I am presently looking for a permanent home. That said, things are everywhere, inside, outside in the garage and totally unorganized!! I can’t find anything and this is so stressful for me. Being organized is my balance, without it I am barely able to function.

    Jen, thanks for your article on organization and for helping people understand what a difference organization will make in their lives.

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