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How to Win in the Denver Real Estate Market

Amy Slifer, Smith & Frampton

The Denver Real Estate market has been exciting. There is so much competition in many neighborhoods it is difficult for many people to wrap their heads around what is happening.

How do you win in this market Denver real estate market?

1. Use your imagination and vision. There are fewer buyers that are willing to purchase a property that needs cosmetic surgery, I mean cosmetic updates. I have a few buyers who have been able to see the potential and I feel like they are getting the best bang for their buck in this market. They are buying a great house, with really low interest rates and are not bring money to the table over the appraised price to get the house. The cosmetic changes they invest in, will pay off in the end! If you have a vision, use it, you won’t regret it. I can help with estimated costs for updating and good resources if needed.

2. Be committed. Know what you want. If you are nervous about selling and not finding the right property call me. I have a few tricks that have worked, let’s see if they will work for you.

3. Make quick decisions.

Buyers – Do you homework, drive neighborhoods you think you like, drive them at night, on the weekends and ask me for the solds and under contracts for the past 6 months. Once I set you up on an auto search look at it every day and you will see how the market trending. You will know that when a house is priced right and when I tell you the agent is asking for all offer by the end of the day (or in two hours), you know I am not testing your commitment, I am serious that the seller is receiving offers and you do not have time to vacillate you need to act if you like the property. If you are vacillating, you probably don’t want it enough – know that and be okay with it.

Sellers – Know what you want and even though it is a “sellers” market, be realistic. If you are price higher than a buyer is willing to pay, your house is not worth the price you are asking for. Price right so that you do not stigmatize your property. If you receive a few offers at the same price, that is a good indication of what the market (buyers) are willing to pay.

I’d love to help you win in the Denver real estate market this year! With only a fifth of the inventory most other cities have for sale and the amount of people moving to Denver every day, you can’t go wrong. The builders cannot build fast enough to compensate for our low inventory. It’s a great time to buy and a great time to make that move up to the next price range before the interest rates increase!!!

I’m looking forward to talking to you!

Amy Cesario



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