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7 Important Things to Know About Recycling in Denver

Recycling in DenverHere are 7 important things to know about recycling in Denver. I need to refresh my memory of what I can and cannot recycle every once in a while, so I thought this would be a great little reminder for you too!

1. Recycling and trash in Denver county are included in your taxes. There isn’t an HOA fee or a monthly charge for the service.

  • If you live in the suburbs of Denver, there are many recycling services available.

2. Recycling is collected in the purple cans you see all over Denver.

3. What can be recycled in Denver:

  • Food and beverage cartons (milk, juice etc) – do not flatten and put the plastic caps in the trash
  • Plastics (water, shampoo, milk, butter, mayo, peanut butter, etc) put the plastic caps in the trash
  • Aerosol cans – empty
  • Glass bottles and jars the large metal lids need to be removed and can be recycle
  • Aluminum cans, pie plates, foil
  • Corrugated cardboard needs to be flattened and inserted into the can or it isn’t picked up
  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogs and junk mail
  • Paperboard (cereal, cracker boxes, egg containers) – flatten them
  • Phone books – take off any magnets
  • Paper bags

4. What cannot be recycled (the list below is taken word for word, directly from the Denver Recycling website)

  • NO Garbage
  • NO Plastic Bags
  • NO Styrofoam® of any kind
  • NO Foil “Yogurt” Lids
  • NO Microwave Popcorn Bags
  • NO Waxed Cardboard
  • NO Toys
  • NO Cassettes, DVD’s, CD’s or Plastic Cases
  • NO Garden Hoses or Plastic Tubes
  • NO Plastic Shrink Wrap
  • NO Plastic Tubes, such as toothpaste or hair gel tubes
  • NO Paper Cups or Plates
  • NO Paperback or hardcover books
  • NO Bubble Wrap or Envelopes with Bubble Wrap inside
  • NO Ceramics
  • NO Candy or Food Wrappers
  • NO Potato Chip Bags
  • NO Plastic containers marked as “Compostable” or “PLA”
  • NO Scrap Metal
  • NO Plastic Flower Pots
  • NO Glassware or Window Glass
  • NO Yard Waste

5. The recycle truck comes every other week. You can sign up online (on the link above) for a reminder of when they are coming to pick up your recycling.

6. Electronic recycling in Denver is a separate thing and is mentioned on the Denver recycling site.

7. It’s really easy to recycle in Denver once you figure it out. Have two trash cans in your kitchen. For me, the bigger one is the recycling and the smaller is the trash, but hey, it’s only me in my house.

Happy recycling!!

Amy Cesario

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