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Spring has Sprung in the Denver Real Estate Market

Park Hill Cape Cod April 2017
Yesterday was a long day. No longer than the 7 days before. They all were about 10 hours of power-packed work. Meetings, showings, running numbers for buyers and sellers, sending reports, meeting potential buyers. Showing condos downtown, showing my listings. Calling other agents to see if they would share any details of what their sellers want, calling agents to see what their buyers want. Telling sellers what agents are telling me their buyers think and want. The day ended with one couple, their baby, and their architect.
The architect is their neighbor. The couple lives in Montclair, the neighborhood to the east. I drive up a couple minutes early thinking it is pretty windy and the temperature has dropped quite a bit and wonder if they will come on their bikes like they did the night before.
The architect showed up on his bike. He works for a pretty big firm in Denver. We exchange names, a handshake, and a smile. We walked through the first floor while we waited for the family to arrive. The mom walked with the toddler in the stroller, pink cheeks, and smiles. Dad came last in the car, seemingly rushed and smiling. Everyone was happy to see each other. I showed them around, answered a few questions and unlocked the doors so they could see everything possible.
At the end, they still seemed happy, excited. They shared that even though it is a big project, they were going to crunch the numbers and let me know in the morning if they could make it work.
As they leave, the architect says, “well aren’t we so urban, walking and riding our bikes to check out houses.” It made me smile. I love how everyone showed up to the house in Park Hill. If it was warmer, I would have been on my scooter.
If you are ready to enter the Denver real estate market as a buyer or seller, contact me. Let’s see if this is the year for your next move.
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