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Wings of the City Denver | Riverfront Park

Wings of the City Riverfront Park DenverLooking for something different to do next weekend? Come see the Wings of the City of Denver in Riverfront Park.

The gorgeous bronze sculptures by Jorge Marin, Wings of the City Denver are here until September 30, 2016 and don’t worry they are all in the shade!

After you take your photo in front of the wings, send it to me. Head over the Millennium Bridge to the farmers’ market (on Saturdays) at Union Station, wander around, get coffee, buy a book at Tattered Cover, watch the trains, eat ice cream or lunch, take the kids into the fountains! If you don’t have kids to take to the fountains, the kids who belong to other people are pretty cute to watch!

The sculptures were brought here by Denver Parks and Recreation in collaboration with Denver Arts & Venues, the Consulate General of Mexico in Denver, Mexican Cultural Center and Riverfront Park Community Foundation.  The Denver Parks and Recreation are running a photo contest, so be sure to post it with #WingsOfTheCityDenver to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The City of Denver page says “Art is the universal language that unites us as human beings,” said the artist, Jorge Marín. “And in the public space, is a tool to generate more reflective and peaceful societies.”  Jorge Marin’s art has been displayed in over 200 places around the world.

I’m hit or miss in the office, but feel free to pop in and say hi, we are on the north west side of the base of the Millennium Bridge!

Amy Cesario



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