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Denver MLS Statistics June 2012

Here they are! June 2012 Denver MLS statistics. At first glance you can see that it is a sellers market. I hope that you have heard that homes are selling, and here is the proof. Buyers are able to find financing at amazingly low rates! Today they were as low as 3.5%! Sellers, you don't have any competition. If ever there is a good time to … [Read more...]

Have We Hit Bottom? | Denver 2012

We have been asking this question hoping we were close to hitting bottom for the past three years. I wrote about it in 2009 and in 2011, I must have been too depressed to bring it up in 2010, lol. After doing several CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) this week, I noticed in every pricing evaluation the graph had a curve similar to the one you are … [Read more...]

Denver MLS Statistics April 2012

Wow, Denver Real Estate is even greener than last month! We put more houses under contract and closed on more properties than we put on the market. April and May are historically the months we start seeing more new listings, but this year we have a lot of pent up demand and buyers are able to secure a loan a little easier than they were a year … [Read more...]

March 2012 Home Sales | City and County of Denver

This first quarter has been a crazy busy quarter in the Denver Real Estate Market.  Showing have skyrocketed since the beginning of the year and just wait until you see some of these numbers! Total Single Family Homes Under Contract in the Metro Denver Area: March 2012:     4,328                                               March 2011:     … [Read more...]

December 2011 Home Sales | City & County of Denver

December 2011 Home Sales | City & County of Denver This is the most "green" or "sellers markets" we have seen in a long time! Part of this is because we just don't have much on the market the other part is that sellers are getting their asking prices and their houses aren't sitting too long before receiving an offer. There is pent up … [Read more...]

November 2011 Home Sales | City & County of Denver

The Denver Metro Area inventory of homes for sale has hit another low this month.  We are at 12,100 homes and condos for sale. We haven't had this little of inventory since the early 1990s. As you look at the graph, there are a couple red bars indicating that there is a buyers market...80202 is primarily made up of Condos, so this really isn't a … [Read more...]

October 2011 Home Sales | City & County of Denver

Click on the chart to make it larger. A couple of things stand out when I took my first glance at this chart: 1. There are more "Seller's Markets" than "Balanced or Buyer's Markets" in the Denver Real Estate Market! 2. Only 97 Days on the Market 3. If we took out the distressed properties I wonder how much lower the days on market would be and … [Read more...]