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Have we hit bottom, again?

I feel like we have been talking about this for 3 years and each summer someone says we have and then we hit yet another bottom.  Investors will love this, the average person sits and stares at the television scared and they miss the opportunity.  Then again bottom is relative to your neighborhood, price range and personal goals, quit lumping … [Read more...]

Denver Real Estate Market Stats | August 2010

 Houses are selling…they aren’t flying off the market at record paces all across the country, but in Denver, if a house is priced right and it looks fantastic, it will sell.  As you can see in the graph above, the over $500,000 market started moving after the first time homebuyer tax credit ended. It isn't making the strides I'd like to see, … [Read more...]

New Rules for Short Sales…again…for the Denver Real Estate Market

New HAFA Rules: Apply to Short Sales. The rules do not apply to loans that are backed by Freddie or Fannie ask the other agent before showing so you know if the rules apply to the house you are potentially looking at. Will allow borrowers (current sellers) to receive pre-approved short sales terms before listing the property (include sales … [Read more...]

Which Market?

Last week I found myself answering the most asked question “How’s the Market?” with the question,”Which market?” The man who asked the question laughed and said, "real estate." His laugh is what made me realize our conversation wasn't the norm, but I needed to know which market so I could really answer the question.  If he was a buyer in the … [Read more...]

Have we hit bottom in the Denver Real Estate Market?

Where are we?  Have we hit bottom?  When is the best time to buy? or sell? These have been the questions on the tip of everyone tongue for the past two years.  Check out this graph and let's talk about the best time to buy. Are we hanging out between Panic and Despondency?  That is what the 6:00 news makes me think.  Maybe we are between … [Read more...]

Time for Change in Denver Real Estate

December vs. January is like black and white.  Showings on the homes that are for sale are up, not only from December, but from a year ago.  I have had at least three times as many showings on my listings in these first three weeks than I had in the whole month of December. I had two open houses this weekend, one in Cherry Creek East and one in … [Read more...]