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Don’t Let Your Dog Take a Bite Out of a Buyer

FYI: I’m not a dog hater. I haven’t ever owned a dog. I have been bitten by a dog a couple times when I was a little girl. I don’t like to show houses with dogs in them. If they are barking like crazy before we go in, we don’t go in.

I once showed a house and three huge dogs came out of a bedroom door that was shut. They were quietly waiting protecting the teenage son who was sleeping one Saturday morning. I saw their bowls in the kitchen so I knew they were big. The showing service said the owner takes them out during showing, so when I opened that bedroom door and these huge barking saliva dripping teeth, and gums were charging at me, you can guess how fast I pushed my clients down the stairs and I practically jumped down the stairs in one leap. Too bad I didn’t know they were in the house. Needless to say, we didn’t finish the showing and I didn’t take the buyers back.

You never know what your dog is going to do when you aren’t  there and it isn’t worth having someone hurt, it will be at your expense if someone got hurt so just don’t do it. Don’t let your dog take a bite out of a buyer.

Animals feel the anxiety, uncertainty, and pain of a move much more than adults and kids. Be nice to your animals, they see boxes leaving the house and a furniture being rearranged, strangers and strange smells coming in and out of the house, it isn’t like you can explain that they are getting a new house. Help them. Many times I hear that once everyone is in a new house the dogs are sick for a week…this is hard on their nerves. While moving, take them to the new place, leave their toys so they know they will come back and find something familiar.

Like I said I haven’t ever had a dog, so those are just my motherly instincts, tell your vet before you move they may have more ideas if your dogs becomes extremely nervous.
Be aware that this will be harder on them than you.

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