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How to Help Your Parents Clean Out Before You Have to

This week I had a gentleman come into our sales trailer in Lowry and tell me that he and his wife were thinking of moving. They have lived in their current home for 48 years. We talked about many things, but a few thoughts struck me so I felt the need to share. ·  He was at least my parent's age and his kids were in their 40s. ·  He was telling … [Read more...]

5 Things You Must Do Before You Sell

  The top five things you must do before you sell your house in Denver starts at the curb. 1. First impressions happen when the potential buyer pulls up to the curb. How does your driveway and sidewalks look, are the clean, clear and level? Are your trees and bushes and shrubs living and trimmed. Is your grass green and flowers planted … [Read more...]

Three Things to Do Right Away If You Want to Move

Whether you are selling your house or condo, or wanting to move to a new place to rent. There are three things you should do right away if you want to move. 1. Look around each room. If there is something you don't want it in your next home, get rid of it now. Think about that chair, picture frame, plant, television, file cabinet. Sell it, … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Sell Your House in Denver | 2015

The top 3 reasons to sell your house in Denver.   1. We have many qualified buyers just waiting to buy your house Buyers in today’s market have cash or if they are getting a loan they are being “qualified” not “prequalified” for a loan. There are many loan products that weren't available a few years ago. People can put as little as 3% … [Read more...]

Clutter – what to do with it

Clutter - what to do with it? Where do I start? We all have it. In my house it’s paper. This is the time of year I’d like to set it on fire. In my car, I have hundreds of pens. No paper to write on, but pens.  My 1930s clothing closets are a little tight this year. Brain clutter – I have quite a few thoughts on that. And then there is the men … [Read more...]

Denver Real Estate Market Statistics for 2014

Denver real estate market statistics for 2014 were definitely interesting! We have hit an all time low of homes to sell with only 5,352 homes available to purchase in the Denver Metro Area. It is undoubtedly a sellers market. This doesn't mean a house can sell for way more than it is worth, unless of course a buyer really wants it and they are … [Read more...]

Denver MLS Statistics for November 2014

As our fiscal year comes to an end I am feeling the pains of not having enough inventory to show my buyers. When we received the Denver MLS statistics a couple of the numbers took my breath away. Our inventory of homes for sale is down 27.5% from last year! While it is typical that we see fewer houses become available this time of year, we have … [Read more...]