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With Me, Comes My Family

Sometimes it's a family affair in Real Estate.  And I am more than thankful that my family will come to me and my client's rescue. This past spring I had a fabulous 1881 Victorian for sale in downtown Denver. A few days before we were set to close the appraiser told us we couldn't have any chipped paint on the house, all of the wood had to be … [Read more...]

Santa Fe Art District | Denver, Colorado

Twenty years ago, this wasn’t a street you walked down after dark unless you were lookin’ for trouble. Now, on the first Friday of the month the evening is filled with color, textures, great food and conversations with old and new friends, laughter, artists we’ve heard of and artists we know.  As we walked the street my friend Kim noticed how it … [Read more...]

Sloans Lake, Denver Colorado

After showing a few homes near Sloans Lake I took the long route around the park. I went to the Junior High School (Lake) across the street and then when I worked for the Denver Nuggets in the 1990s, McNichols Arena was just about a mile away (where Invesco Field is now) so we brought our lunches and walked around the lake a lot in the summer. I … [Read more...]