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3 Reasons to Sell Your House in Denver | 2015

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The top 3 reasons to sell your house in Denver.


1. We have many qualified buyers just waiting to buy your house

Buyers in today’s market have cash or if they are getting a loan they are being “qualified” not “prequalified” for a loan. There are many loan products that weren’t available a few years ago. People can put as little as 3% down.  Houses listed under $300,000 (if priced correctly) are receiving multiple offers from buyers with cash, conventional, VA and FHA loans.  Sellers are using pricing as a strategy to get the best buyer in and under contract for a quick close.

2. There isn’t much competition

Because there isn’t much competition buyers are waiting for the next house to hit the market. Many of us have buyers on an alert so that as soon as 15 minutes of the house being placed on MLS, they receive an email alert. My most serious buyers, drop everything to see the house as soon as possible. If you are priced right you should have an offer in the first hours if not days depending on your price point.

The highest number of homes on the market was approximately 32,000 in the Denver Metro Area.  Today we are hovering between 4,100 and 4,300. This is a record breaking low for the Denver Metro area. An even market would be about 16,000 houses for sale.

Because we have so few homes for sale prices have continued to rise consistently for the past 8 months, at a rate of 6-9% over the year prior.

Builders are gearing up for the most building they have done in a long time. If you are in a neighborhood where there could be potential building you need to think about how that might affect the sale of your house, just a hint, yours will need to be almost as perfect as a new house.

3. There has not ever been a better time to move up

We are in a perfect storm. Interest rates are so low that investing in the next price range will be an amazing long term return!!

I’d love to help you or someone you know sell their house. Please contact me, I promise, I’ll take great care of them!

Amy Cesario

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