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5 Things You Must Do Before You Sell

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The top five things you must do before you sell your house in Denver starts at the curb.

1. First impressions happen when the potential buyer pulls up to the curb.

How does your driveway and sidewalks look, are the clean, clear and level?
Are your trees and bushes and shrubs living and trimmed.
Is your grass green and flowers planted or prepped – if they are blooming yet, is the area clean and clear?

2. Let’s say the buyers got out of the car, the next test is the front door.

Is it freshly painted and do the locks work? Or is the agent fussing and frustrated because the screen door is dirty and then the lock didn’t work and even though the lock seems to work the door won’t push open. They buyer is watching and evaluating, before they go in.

3. Now the next 15 seconds are the most important, once the buyer is in the house, we are watching out clients body language, make sure there isn’t an overpowering smell (good or bad too much fragrance or needless to say dog sweat isn’t good either).

The entrance needs to be completely clutter free, scuff free and welcoming, so that they WANT to go to the next room. Keep them feeling good.

4. Kitchens typically sell a house, but that doesn’t mean you need brand new cabinets and counter tops.

It does mean that your drawers and doors need to work (buyers open them and yes, they look at what you have in there, so make sure private info is put away and the insides are organized). Buyers and touching and feeling, make sure things don’t fall out or off including faucets not dripping, and knobs and buttons working on the stove, dishwasher and other appliances.

5. Make the bathrooms sparkle!

Obviously you will be cleaning your heart out before showings, take that Clorox wipe and clean off the toothpaste off of the inside of the sink and make that faucet sparkles before you leave every day.

Obviously you are going to keep the house clutter free before showings and going to do your best for everything to be presentable, but here are a few more tips:

If is isn’t too cold, crack your bedroom window, so that fresh air comes in. You don’t need sprays to cover a smell, just air it out. If it is too cold to leave open then open it for a few minutes while you are straightening up before leaving.

Less furniture in every room is a must. Take out 1/3 of the furniture you are used to living with to make the rooms feel bigger. For even more ideas, go to the video last year it’s short but has a few more thoughts that will help you be ready before I get there for the first walk through.

Call me, I’d love to help you get your house sold and help you start your next chapter.

Amy Cesario




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