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Black and White Kitchen | Boulevard One | Denver

How do you feel about a black and white kitchen?

It doesn’t matter the style for me, it can be modern, traditional, or retro. I like a black and white kitchen.

I like white countertops, black countertops, a mixture and maybe even a stainless or a butcher block to offset the starkness. But I like the starkness. One of my kitchens was all white with black countertops, they were dusty in the summer when my windows were open but I loved those black countertops.

The warmth in the room comes from the medium brown stained white oak floors and the backsplash tile. The floors have a lot of color: caramel, blonde, grey, even touches of black and almost white. The bevel on the backsplash tile added a dimension I wasn’t expecting. When they first installed the tile it was regular subway tile without the bevel, which I thought looked fantastic. The beveled edge makes it spectacular, the way it reflects the natural light in this home adds to the richness of the overall feel of the home.

Countertops with nothing on them are captivating to me. I want to walk in and think that I could throw down some flour and whip of some homemade pasta. The microwave/convection oven below the countertop is great. No need to washing underneath it and wonder when was the last time you used it. That might just be me, I gave up the microwave a few years ago and don’t miss it one minute.

All this black and white kitchen needs is a wine fridge under the counter on the right and a coffee/espresso maker on the counter above, chairs for family and friends and well, a new owner. It is in a gorgeous new townhome in Boulevard One. I’d love to show it to you.

Can you see yourself in this black and white kitchen? 

Let me know if I can help you find a new kitchen or house…just message me and we’ll make a plan.

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