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Live Within a Mile of Union Station | Denver, Colorado

  Live within a mile of Union Station in Denver Colorado - it can afford many conveniences! One will be taking a train directly to Denver International Airport starting in the spring of 2016! Homes for sale within a mile of Union Station in Denver, Colorado: … [Read more...]

Denver Weekly Wrap Up

Things to Do in Denver     Week of October 4 - 10 The week was filled with lot's of surprises in Cherry Creek, Downtown Denver, Washington Park and South Broadway. Monday Morning Coffee at one of my favorite places. Aviano's in Cherry Creek has such a Italian and European feel. I order the regular coffee and they brew … [Read more...]

Making Holiday Memories in Denver

Making holiday memories in Denver can be easy. You just need to pick something you like to do and make it your tradition. We have so many beautiful places in Denver from Downtown to the mountain towns. Our days can be bitterly cold or 65 degrees and sunny, so depending on what you like to do during the month of December, you have a great … [Read more...]

Bicycles in Denver

Last week as I was strolling to one of my neighborhood restaurants for dinner I noticed we had a new bank of B-Cycles! I have been contemplating buying an extra bike so I could have an extra for a friend. I remembered reading that the city was adding 30 new "bike-borrowing stations".  So now I'm thinking "problem solved". We'll just go grab one … [Read more...]

Must Have Wardrobe Items for Urban Denver Neighborhoods

The idea of living in a walking neighborhood seems so romantic in a way don't you think? Leave your car in its spot, walk a couple blocks to 15 different restaurants, yoga, the grocery store, library, the park and then it snows and you realize you aren't a snow bunny. The Cole Hahn booties with three inch heels or Timberlands with a short heel just … [Read more...]

Single and Sexy in Denver Happy Hour Patio Favorites

If you're Single and Sexy in Denver and are ready to get your Summer Sexy on, one of my favorite things to do in downtown Denver is sit on the patio and eat and drink. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Denver has the perfect weather, no bugs, not too humid, not too hot, some are dog friendly, some are not. We have 5-Star restaurants and I will tell you … [Read more...]