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Clutter – what to do with it

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Clutter – what to do with it? Where do I start?

We all have it. In my house it’s paper. This is the time of year I’d like to set it on fire. In my car, I have hundreds of pens. No paper to write on, but pens.  My 1930s clothing closets are a little tight this year. Brain clutter – I have quite a few thoughts on that. And then there is the men clutter, well, that is the one thing I have been good at, no man clutter here.

I have seen the 40 bags in 40 days de-clutter program and done it. It is pretty good especially if you are trying to put your house on the market. Take out a bag a day of trash or charity items or do one of both. Don’t know where to start? Start with the kitchen drawers, the bathroom cabinets, closets, and piles of stuff. “Do you want it in your new house” is THE question. Once you get into the flow, you will just want to continue. Don’t forget to put on some good music.

So what if you aren’t moving then where is your motivation? If you have less clutter you don’t have things, which must not be important, holding you back. Use the same question; would you want it in your new house?

It is important to get rid of things and move on.

Don’t ask me about paper. I am paperless when it comes to my real estate files, but when I do my research before listing or showing property I like to spread the paper out. Write on it, fold it, highlight it and apparently put it in a pile and save it for a few months before I trash all of it.

Brain clutter, whew, sometime I get that clutter all jumbled up I forget what is really important. I’m sure you do too. Yoga, being on my scooter or motorcycle helps calm my brain helps me focus and give myself a break when I start obsessing and worrying. Finding something else you have to focus on is good therapy.

My basic rules are:

  1. If you haven’t touched it or looked at it in a season, get rid of it.
  2. If it causes you angst, continual disappointment, you don’t have trust in it, and if you aren’t in love with it, get rid of it.

And don’t look back. It’s the looking back that will get you every time. Once you put it in the garbage bag and the bag is full, take it outside to the trash can. Pour water on it, soak it in anything that will ruin it if you don’t think you have the strength to let it go.

We are in for another snowy weekend, it is a good time to make a list and start getting rid of everything on that list until you feel amazing. Letting go is refreshing, empowering and uplifting. If you let things go, other good things are able to present themselves. Get rid of anything taking up precious real estate space in your brain, house, car or closet. They say “if there is room in the closet, then you have room for a partner.”  I apparently haven’t made enough room in that subdivision of life. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Join me and release the clutter that is holding you back!

Amy Cesario


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