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Three Things to Do Right Away If You Want to Move

You can do it, if you want to move

Whether you are selling your house or condo, or wanting to move to a new place to rent. There are three things you should do right away if you want to move.

1. Look around each room.

If there is something you don’t want it in your next home, get rid of it now. Think about that chair, picture frame, plant, television, file cabinet. Sell it, donate it, trash it, leave in the alley in hopes someone will pick it up.  The idea is, get rid of things that you don’t want or need, it clears space. Physical space as well as mental space so you can begin thinking about what you want your next space to look and feel like. It is weight lifted, you will be thankful later when you have less to do as you get more serious. In the Denver Market, we don’t have much inventory in rental or purchasing, so you need to be ready.

2. Go through your closets.

If you haven’t worn it in the past year, sell it, donate it, trash it.

3. Open each drawer, and cabinet in your kitchen, bathroom and office.

Get rid of as much as possible, is it trash or recycle or good enough to donate? If not, get it in the trash.

Don’t let this be overwhelming.  Do one space at a time, when you have a whole day tackle a room, but start with what’s on a table, then open drawers, then go through the closet.  When you have an hour at night after work, pick one drawer in the kitchen, bathroom or office. Doing one at a time, is super easy and before you know it it will be done.

If you want to move it is easier to move few things and it is liberating to let go of the past! Trust me. I’ve done it.

If you need help I have someone!



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