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Grandpa Snazzy’s Saves the Day

It all started because I wanted a door knocker for my front door. I didn't want a new one, I wanted an old one. I went into several antique shops on Broadway and couldn't find one. After about 12 shops that carried, new used, antique, vintage, refurbished, broken, pretty, ugly items that were not door knockers a couple store owners told me to go … [Read more...]

Bicycles in Denver

Last week as I was strolling to one of my neighborhood restaurants for dinner I noticed we had a new bank of B-Cycles! I have been contemplating buying an extra bike so I could have an extra for a friend. I remembered reading that the city was adding 30 new "bike-borrowing stations".  So now I'm thinking "problem solved". We'll just go grab one … [Read more...]

Must Have Wardrobe Items for Urban Denver Neighborhoods

The idea of living in a walking neighborhood seems so romantic in a way don't you think? Leave your car in its spot, walk a couple blocks to 15 different restaurants, yoga, the grocery store, library, the park and then it snows and you realize you aren't a snow bunny. The Cole Hahn booties with three inch heels or Timberlands with a short heel just … [Read more...]

What is your Back Yard Personality?

A couple days ago I caught a glimpse of Nate Berkus' Show, he happened to be saying someone's back yard should reflect their personality. The gal on the show was married, bubbly, and gorgeous. He, of course, took her drab back yard and turned it into an oasis and it was as bubbly and gorgeous as she was. This made me think. A few years ago I … [Read more...]

With Me, Comes My Family

Sometimes it's a family affair in Real Estate.  And I am more than thankful that my family will come to me and my client's rescue. This past spring I had a fabulous 1881 Victorian for sale in downtown Denver. A few days before we were set to close the appraiser told us we couldn't have any chipped paint on the house, all of the wood had to be … [Read more...]

3838 Gilpin Street | Denver, CO 80205

Fabulous home, with gorgeous new maple cabinets, granite counter tops,  and slate floors in the kitchen. The extra large windows and woodwork of a classic Victorian are in tact, the hardwood floors are fantastic.  There is an actual light bright spacious laundry room with extra storage in addition the back porch has been enclosed and finished well … [Read more...]

New Zoning is Affecting Your Friends and Neighbors

On Wednesday December 18th, I attended the last listening session held by City Council and the Planning Board for the The people who stood up to give their thoughts had specific valid concerns.  I am giving a brief overview of the most voiced concerns.  I believe the city will listen and hopefully they start making changes.  … [Read more...]