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Buying a House in Denver

5 Most important things to do before buying a house in Denver if you need a loan. 1. Be Pre Approved for a Loan. Agents will tell you that you need to be preapproved by a lender before looking at a house. There has never been a more important time that the past 2 years of being pre-approved. A seller is not going to wait to see if you are … [Read more...]

Denver Real Estate Market Stats | August 2010

 Houses are selling…they aren’t flying off the market at record paces all across the country, but in Denver, if a house is priced right and it looks fantastic, it will sell.  As you can see in the graph above, the over $500,000 market started moving after the first time homebuyer tax credit ended. It isn't making the strides I'd like to see, … [Read more...]