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Top 5 Things You Must Do Before Putting Your House on the Market

The top five things you must do before putting your house on the market in Denver starts at the curb. 1. First impressions happen when the potential buyer pulls up to the house. How does your driveway and sidewalks look, are the clean, clear and level? Are your trees and bushes and shrubs living and trimmed. Is your grass green and … [Read more...]

Deep Root Watering in Denver

{EAV:5198a6ac961d1dd5} Why should you care about deep root watering in Denver? When our trees and shrubs don't receive enough water they send their roots to the water and sewer pipes going to and from your house. Every time we have a drought, someone has a sewer back up in their basement or crawl space because the roots take over the pipe. … [Read more...]

Denver MLS Statistics June 2012

Here they are! June 2012 Denver MLS statistics. At first glance you can see that it is a sellers market. I hope that you have heard that homes are selling, and here is the proof. Buyers are able to find financing at amazingly low rates! Today they were as low as 3.5%! Sellers, you don't have any competition. If ever there is a good time to … [Read more...]

Comparative Market Analysis

When a  Denver Real Estate Agent tells you they will do a CMA they are talking about a Comparative Market Analysis and they are looking to find out how much your house is worth. They may be doing this for you before and during the sale of your property.  We also prepare CMAs for buyers to help decide how much to offer for a property. Basically we … [Read more...]

Have We Hit Bottom? | Denver 2012

We have been asking this question hoping we were close to hitting bottom for the past three years. I wrote about it in 2009 and in 2011, I must have been too depressed to bring it up in 2010, lol. After doing several CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) this week, I noticed in every pricing evaluation the graph had a curve similar to the one you are … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Dog Take a Bite Out of a Buyer

FYI: I'm not a dog hater. I haven't ever owned a dog. I have been bitten by a dog a couple times when I was a little girl. I don't like to show houses with dogs in them. If they are barking like crazy before we go in, we don't go in. I once showed a house and three huge dogs came out of a bedroom door that was shut. They were quietly waiting … [Read more...]

Preparing for First Impressions

Denver Sellers, there are 3 components in your last effort to prepare for the buyers first impression: 1. Staging - Typically, if you have been in your house for more than 3 years you need to move out approximately 1/3 of your furniture and 2/3 of the "stuff" on tables, shelves, in kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Moving out mentally and … [Read more...]